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Here you can find something for yourself on any topic you can think of regarding vocal music.


| a capella 

There are various choirs within Vokal Akademi: the regulars are Chromas and Vokal Akademi Pop & Jazz Choir. You can step into the magical world of choir music with short-time choir workshops as well.


| improvization

Vocal Painting is an improvization method created by The Royal Academy of Music Denmark professor Jim Daus Hjernøe whose inspiration was sound painting and circle singing. This extraordinary musical language consists of 75 signs, and from the very first moment, it renovates your perspective and sense of music.


| voice training, therapy

You can sign up to voice trainings, vocal technique and sound therapy workshops or plan a 1-1 lesson to improve your singing and sing healthier, better and more comfortable. Our advanced level vocal studies focus on expression & interpretation and stage performance.


| theory, research, literature

Academic studies on vocal music are carried out in Vokal Akademi as well. Readings and discussions on the philosophical, anthropological and sociological aspects of vocal & choir music take place here. We study musical theory and vocal anatomy, learn more about sound and deepen the conversation.

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