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Agnes Hapsari


Agnes Hapsari was born in Blora, Indonesia. Hapsari first heard jazz music when he was 13 and was deeply mesmerized by the sounds. She began to learn these on the piano. A year later she was already accompanying numerous choirs and vocal ensembles.

In 2007 she began to study composition, jazz piano and singing at the Hanover University of Music, Drama and Media. In 2013 she successfully completed her studies. From 2016 to 2019 she studied Innovative Choir Leading at the Royal Academy of Music Aalborg, Denmark.

Agnes works in several music projects with different styles. Her repertoire ranges from jazz, pop, and world music. She teaches at the music school of the state capital Hanover, leads several choirs and regularly gives workshops.

Cultural exchange, especially between Indonesian and Western music, is particularly important to her. In her final thesis she led various projects in which she combined choirs/ensembles and Indonesian traditional instruments and let them improvise together.

Indonesian Folk Songs

appetizer workshop, duration: 1,5 hour

Indonesia is a large country with a rich traditional music culture. In this workshop we will sing songs from different regions of Indonesia.

Based on the historical and cultural influences, we will go into the different characteristics of the folk songs, depending on which Indonesian region the respective song comes from.

We will also learn some Indonesian dance moves to connect more with the music and the culture.



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