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ARTER Sevgi Gönül Oditoryumu

15:30 - 17:30

Did you know that DenizBank VoiceUp A Capella Festival is proudly organized by a predominantly women team, dedicated to prioritizing collaborations with women-led brands? Our mission is to champion women's visibility in every field and industry, taking proactive steps to nurture more women leaders within our domain!

The representation of women and LGBTQIA+ individuals in leadership roles within the music industry is steadily increasing worldwide. To further accelerate this positive momentum, promote equal opportunities for women in the creative field, and address gender-based inequalities in polyphonic music, we are thrilled to announce DenizBank VoiceUp A Capella Festival organizing a panel on the topic, hosted at the Modern Art Musuem Arter. The event will be joined by women leaders from 13 different countries, with the esteemed Dr. Aylin Vartanyan moderating, to:

  1. Encourage aspiring women conductor candidates to emerge and flourish in Turkey's  choral music scene.

  2. Open up a platform for in-depth discussions and sharing on women's leadership in music on an international level.

  3. Call for supporters and cultural institutions to collaborate on the path towards impactful solutions.

We wholeheartedly invite everyone to join this important conversation! Let's unite in celebrating the achievements of women in music, fostering leadership, and creating a more inclusive and diverse future for the industry. Together, we can make a real difference. See you at VoiceUp A Capella Festival, Women & Music & Leadership Panel!

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