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İberya Özkan Melaşvili

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İberya Özkan Melaşvili, born in Nazilli in 1956, is a musician and artist. He had a childhood with a strong interest in music and art. He graduated from the Architecture Department of Mimar Sinan University. İberya Özkan Melaşvili has been involved in research and studies in both Turkish Folk Music and Georgian Music, as well as having an interest in classical music.


During periods when Georgian culture and music were being forgotten among Georgians living in Turkish lands, he initiated various projects like the “Kafdağı Music Groups” to revive and preserve this culture and music. In later years, he founded the Maçahela Polyphonic Elderly Choir, worked with them on various projects, and had the opportunity to bring Georgian folk melodies to light and present them.


In 2011, he established the Georgian Art House. The Georgian Art House is not only a place for music activities, but also a place where painting, dance, traditional and classical instrument lessons are taught, concerts are held, Georgian language is taught, and traditional flavors are offered.


During the initial period of the Georgian Art House in Istanbul, İberya Özkan Melaşvili formed a women's choir that performed Georgian Folk Songs and arrangements of Turkish Folk Music. In later years, with new participants and a wider repertoire, he formed a mixed choir by conducting auditions. Currently, in addition to choir activities, he also conducts workshops on Caucasian-Georgian ethnic instruments.



Traditional Polyphonic Georgian Music

appetizer workshop, duration: 1,5 hour

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