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Sven Keet

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Sven Keet (27 years old) is a conductor, arranger, singer and beatboxer based in Amsterdam. His absolute favorite way of making music is by using the voice! During his bachelor to become a music teacher at the conservatory of Amsterdam he discovered his love for conducting and arranging for choirs and he decided to make this his main job. He is the conductor of Playground, which he founded in 2018, and SONAR. He is frequently asked by other choirs and vocal groups for coachings, workshops and arrangements. He sings high tenor in MAZE and other projects. He has several transgender singing students and provides workshops on this topic for other singing teachers, speech therapists and conductors.

Gender Identity & The Singing Voice

appetizer workshop, lecture 1hour 30 minutes

Over the last decade the Transgender and non-binary community has grown a lot. And many of them sing! Unfortunately there is not a lot of knowledge/research available about how transitioning can affect the (singing) voice. Sven is FTM (female to male) and went into transition at age 23 and went from singing mezzo soprano to tenor. He wants everybody to feel welcome in a choir regardless of their gender identity and guide other conductors and singing teachers in how to make this possible. In this session we will go through all the different possibilities that can affect the FTM (female to male) and MTF (male to female) singing voice during transition and how to guide them with practical singing exercises. Also the just as important social aspect of having transgender and/or non-binary singers in choirs will be discussed.

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