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Ruben Smits

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Ruben Smits (the Netherlands) is an all-round choral music professional and fanatic. As a passionate choir leader, published arranger and conducting and arranging teacher, he covers all musical styles from a capella pop to classical compositions. His 450+ acclaimed pop and jazz arrangements are sung all over the world and have led him to teach arranging courses in Canada, the US and Malaysia. In addition, he strives for music in the moment, providing singers with expressive freedom and creative space through music, both in rehearsals and concerts. 

just sing! co-arrange without sheet music

appetizer workshop, duration: 2 hours

You don't need sheet music to arrange a song! In this session, we will create an arrangement of a well known song together, in the moment, without sheet music! By exploring the building blocks of music, intentional listening and of course a lot of singing and experimenting, we will build up a unique arrangement, using nothing but our musicality and imagination! 

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